Screenplay adapted by R.E.M. (Part two)  

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Dreams (part two)

When we last visited my dream, God had just spoken to the world that Jerusalem was closed for forty years, and I was there, but somehow couldn't remember it.

Now I was back in the same place, the desert, outside the tent city set up for refugees from the city of Jerusalem. Here there are several tents, News trucks, support vehicles, etc. set up for the non-natives. An entire new city was coming into being here in the desert, one for pilgrims, and travelers, of all religions. An entire economy was available for the sale of water, tents, survival gear, and stuff, but no money was changing hands, and those of Islam, Christian, and Jewish descent were living among each other with no quarrel.

But my mind was on the wall, and I needed to get there.

The dream skipped around here a bit, sometimes showing news footage, sometimes from my point of view. I saw images of aircraft, warplanes, etc flying towards the city, never to be seen again, I saw news footage of massive numbers of troops in vehicles, and on foot marching towards the wall. I saw myself looking towards the wall, and as the days went on, it was as if dark dark clouds were coming between, because when that happens in front of the sun, one can look directly at the sun for just a couple of seconds longer, and see much more detail.

The marching troops always came back naked, and in a daze, and unable to speak or communicate.

A group of newsies decided to go with one of the marching troops, and I had to go along as well. As we got closer to the wall, maybe a half mile away, we could see it clearly, and it was massive. Dark, like some kind of composite not-metal, and as tall as a 30 story building. There were no doors, or windows, bu there was a top to the wall, and along it, at points, were 'beings', which looked human. Along the desert floor, just in front of the wall were the same beings, as as we drew near, we slowed to see what would happen to the troops.

Some tanks fired rounds at the wall, others fired mortar rounds, some fired regular weapons, but all weapons had the same effect, nothing. The bullets, and shells seemed to disappear as they approached the wall. Several groups of soldiers marched closer and closer, eventually coming to within several hundred feet, then a hundred feet, then they began screaming, and turned to run back, and as soon as they turned around they were without their uniforms, weapons, boots, everything, completely naked.

A few got as far as 50 feet, then turned around, still in the same daze, but somehow compelled to return, and naked as the day they were born, they turned and slowly walked back towards the wall.

I watched one particular man, because he was walking towards one of the beings posted along the base of the wall. As he got to within a few feet of the being, he stopped, still dazed, and looked up. I saw the being take a new shape, and pull a sword flaming from hilt to tip, and cut the man in half from head to toe, and the man evaporated.

As I turned around, to ask if the newsies had seen that, all I saw was their backs as they ran terrified back the way they had come.

I was compelled, though, terrified, but somehow at peace, and I stood and began to remove my clothes, then walked towards the nearest guardian, whom I now thought of as an angel.
As I got closer, I could see 'him' much more clearly, and he was wearing robes, which seemed to be lighter than silk, but I could see no face under the hood. 'He' also seemed to be floating just a couple inches off the floor of the desert.

At about ten feet away, I got on my knees, and began to pray. Out loud, the Our Father, The Hail Mary, always looking down with my eyes tightly closed, and my hand clasped together. After a few prayers, I felt a cool breeze blowing over me, and in the inferno of the desert heat, this was welcome and soothing. I chanced a look, and when I did, I saw an opening in the wall behind the angel. I beckoned with my thoughts a humble request to be allowed through the door.

The angel stepped to the side, and bowed its head.

I entered Jerusalem, and since I have never been there in real life, nor seen many more photos that those on TV of kids throwing rocks at soldiers, in my dream I only saw what my memory of movies showed me.

I walked around a deserted city, wind blowing, but no bad smells. There were no animals, no rotting food, no electricity, nothing, but a large city that had been evacuated instantly, and being in the desert, the strangest thing was shadow. The entire city was in shadow due to the wall, except for a few hours at midday. It was much cooler here than outside the wall.

The wall surrounded the city, and it seemed to slope inward, towards the city, above, clouds, but not many, no contrails of high flying jets, for I believed that nothing could fly over this city any longer. I imaging Satellites would also magically divert their own orbits to avoid being directly over this place.

I was inside, but now more confused than scared. I had only known before that I was compelled to come here, then compelled to come inside, but now I knew nothing. I didn't know what I was here for, and that didn't scare me as much as it worried me, as if I was letting someone down.

To be continued

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