"This is no time for partisanship," Bush says  

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CNN Article, Bush: 'We must act now'

According to the above article, President Bush says that we must act quickly to solve the financial problems in the United States.

"We must act now to protect our nation's economic health from serious risk," Bush said at a White House press conference. "There will be ample opportunity to discuss the origins of this problems. Now is the time to solve it." (sic)

Here is where I have my doubts, The 'Ample opportunity' he speaks of will be about 6 weeks, or so. After wards, he will be a lame duck to whomever wins the election. During his Lame Duck period of time, it is so very very unlikely that either candidate will consider beating up the current administration with blame.

Bush further explains, "For every dollar invested in an insured fund, you'll be able to take a dollar out,"

This interest me, especially if he is actually talking about ME, when he says 'YOU'.

'Funds', that he refers to here, are 'investments', right? And any kind of investment has an inherent speculative risk. So is he guaranteeing something here that he really cannot, in anyway, guarantee? And how exactly does 'You' take a dollar 'out?'

It sounds like so much Bush hogwash that uneducated people continue to believe, because if W. says it, it must be true.

In the bigger picture, that of the idea of saving private institutions with Federal Tax money, I think this is the kind of idea that requires a case by case study, and also requires the Congress, and Executive to 'win' us, the voting public, over, if they deem it wise to bail out some private organization.

If presented well, we could easily jump on board, but right now it feels more like our government is just running things without any consideration for how we feel about it. For the educated among us, we just want to understand why it happened, so that it won't happen again.

Some of us, more passionate types, want someone to blame. But most of these types are also very very cynical, and honestly believe that the deserved blame will never be adequately placed. It doesn't seem like enough punishment, even for the Enron boys, just to be convicted, and prosecuted. But I doubt that even that will happen properly.

Pushing this kind of legislature through the system, "...as quickly as possible without adding controversial provisions that could delay action." sounds more like, "Quick, pass this before the American citizens figure it out!" And I don't honestly think that 10 years ago, or even 25 years ago, our collective minds would jump to such a conclusion, that is, before the current administration set the bar for secrecy, and lies, so low.

I guess I understand most of what has happened, and I too fear what could happen all over the globe, if we don't try to solve this problem. My beef is that no where in the reported statement are we assured that the 'opportunity' will be taken, only that it will be there. That opportunity I speak of, is the opportunity to figure out who is to blame, and how we are going to prevent this from ever happening again.

The risk if we don't deal with this, and very very harshly, is that the high-up muckity-mucks will take the next opportunity to make quick money in a global high-stakes pyramid scheme again, and know full well that the US government will be forced, again, to be the last one standing without a chair when the music stops.

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