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I am very disorganized, I say that with no pride, but without hesitation either.

Digitally, I download lots of things off the inter web, things like music, pictures, animated gifs, videos, all kinds of media, and quotes.

30 years ago, I would have had a folder filled with magazine clippings, and cassette mix tapes with stuff pulled off the radio. (I still have that box, full of that stuff, I just haven't put anything in it since I got my first computer in 1996)

I am a pack rat, I throw NOTHING away, which makes for a huge trashcan, with little or nothing in it but dirty paper towels and egg shells. I have too much crap, everywhere in my life. I hold onto things for some compulsive reason that I can only partially define. Partly because my parents ingrained it into me, they were of the depression generation, and that generation was the recycle generation, not this one.

I bring this up today, because my desktop (The digital one, not the real one,) is a mess. See for yourself!


SO looking at my desktop this fine day, I decided to clean it up. Of course, I won't throw ANYTHING into the recycle bin, rather, I will 'organize' all this junk. That means, I'll create some folders and pile it all in. Kind of like when one has to 'clean' his apartment, because a lovely lady just called and said she's on her way. If you've never seen this scene, what happens is a mad scramble for boxes, old Walmart bags, and cramming things into drawers until they'll barely close.

The result is hopefully that she'll think it's cute that I'm a bachelor, and I need her in my life to bring a little femininity, cleanliness, and organization into my world. What really happens is that no matter how much Lysol I spray all over the room, the stench of old socks and curdled milk will just not go away, which means I meet her at the door, with my jacket in my hand, and take her out to dinner.

Now I am not taking anyone out to dinner on my virtual desktop, but I do prefer a clean desktop on my PC. I couldn't begin to explain why, but I do. So once a month or so, I create a few new folders, and just start moving things into it. After a year or ten of doing this, I am overwhelmed with folder after folder titled, "Junk" or, more cleverly, "Desktop Junk" filled with stuff I have no remote idea why I have; And more often than not, I have multiple copies of things, which is a sure sign that when I want something, I cannot find it, and have to re-download it, which makes for a third, or fourth copy.

Many times, I get things because I see potential in them, perhaps a picture that would be fun to write about in a blog, a video that I am sure is going to disappear off YouTube, so I grab it while it is available, and store it, and sometimes, some rare hard to find song that was played as a five second clip on some TV show that I normally do not watch, but just had to have that clip! (Normally this is because I picture something else when I hear that clip, and someday might want to create something for myself with it.)

Here's one,

Click to hear music file

I heard it first as a bumper on Adult Swim, and then again, in the same week on Breaking Bad, on AMC.

Somehow I just had to have this song. So I got it, now I have it, and I have no idea what I am ever going to do with it.

I also heard this song,

Click to hear music file

It was played during an episode of Carrier on PBS, during a montage of some girl breaking up with her boyfriend. Usually if I tear up during any scene on TV, I have to have the music behind it.

I also found some images I pulled of the interweb,

Here's one,


Brock Sampson from the TV Show The Venture Brothers. It was someone's Avatar, or Signature, and it made me smile, so I nabbed it.

This one I found somewhere, now I forget where, but it made me giggle,

So I have all this junk, and no real place for it, so I create folders, and just cram them full until I have another full desktop.

That is my organization.

And when my HDD fills up? Well, little buckeroo, that's why I bought a Terabyte external drive! It only has about 90 GB on it right now. Of course when I transfer file folders over to it, I have to rename them! I'm up to Junk Folder # 140...

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bwahahaha! i mean...er... gee, i NEVER do anything like *that*. good god, my "favorites folder" has more folders with more folders with more folders...it's like a giant russian nesting doll on crack.

my advanced storage system is quite different than yours, however--i wait until my computer crashes and it all goes away and i sit around dealing with the loss by not dealing with it and filling up more folders of favorites...

September 23, 2008 at 6:00 PM

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