Screenplay Adapted by R.E.M.  

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Screenplay adapted by R.E.M.

So I dram a pretty good amount. I mean to say, I RECALL my dreams a pretty good amount. Many studies show that we all dream, and very often, but that most of us don't readily recall our dreams very often at all. I remember my dreams every single morning.

Most dreams are silly things, snippits of memory of something I read the night before, or two seemingly unrelated things I saw the day before, etc etc. The dreams I remember the most vividly are played out on the insides of my eyelids like movies.

Over the last 20+ years I have had a handful of dreams I still remember, and sometimes, rarely, but sometimes I have 'sequel' dreams, or even 'spin-off' dreams relating tot he old dreams. Are these recurring? I think not, since it is not the same dream I have ever and over.

Over the last five years I have had a few dreams that truly moved me, and fed my conscious thoughts, and affected me, and others I shared the dreams with.

Before I describe these dreams, I must share with you a couple of thoughts, namely, that I realize that people rarely want to hear what other people have dreamed about, unless they themselves are in it, or there is sex involved. Also, in ones own dreams there are often, for lack of a better term, shortcuts. That is to say, I may see something in my dream that reveals to me any number of clues, suggestions, or ideas, and if that image were described to you, you would have no clue what it meant. So in describing dreams, we often, or at least I often describe more than what I dreamed, for the sake of 'filling in the blanks' for you.

As a side note, I also have dreamed credits at the end of a dream, which is very odd, and usually I cannot read what the credits say at all. And sometimes there is end credit music.

The first dream I'll share with you was about God. I believe it was about THE GOD, and not just any old god, because of the feeling I had while I was in the dream. I, as well as other in the dream, believed it was god, so I'll go along with the idea that it was in fact God, the Almighty, creator of everything.

Many of the recurring themes in my dreams have much to do with the idea that no one will believe me. An amateur Fruedian could tell us that I have trust issues in my conscious mind, but that is neither here nor there. Trying to understand why the writer made the heroine blond, and if he has a particular perversion towards blonds does not help one enjoy the film or book any better.

So there I was, in an nondescript land, with lots of people, most of whom I did not know, and Gods 'voice' was in our heads all at once. None of us could have understood what he was saying, but it scared the be-jesus out of everyone, and there was much panic. In the sky were round, perfect circles, of rainbows, and an indescribable large thing, with a head, and strange body, it was a mile high, and could be seen by many from very very far away.

After everyones adrenaline ran out, and left a metallic taste in our mouths, we stopped running away, and tried to hear what was being said. It was more of a feeling, or idea, rather than hearing and understanding words, which to me seems rather clever, instead of God speaking 'languages' to everyone, he speaks to us through ideas that any human can understand.

The idea was that Jerusalem was going to be off limits for a while. To stay away from it, and don't even look at it.

It was a big idea, and from someone in the mid-west, like me, a very easy one to comply with.

The dream skips ahead to me running to other people, now ones I know, workmates, and such, and telling them I say God, and so did many others, and he sent a message, and so on. Of course they didn't believe me, and I couldn't convince them.

Skip ahead again to the television, and news reports from CNN or such that there are massive tent cities in the desert outside Jerusalem, and it seems that everyone in Jerusalem had been asleep, then suddenly woke up in a tent out in the desert, those that had been awake, baking bread, or on guard duty, had simply 'transported' to the tent city.

Every time the news camera tried to swing around to view the actual city of Jerusalem, some miles away, the camera flared as if it were looking into a very bright light, and just would not focus, or 'see' the city.

Some clever bird at CNN pulled up Google maps, and showed a satellite image of Jerusalem from a few years prior, and drew where the tent city was, in relation to Jerusalem, and the city itself was pixilated out of focus.

Skip ahead, and now we see news footage of Isreali Army troops getting ready to mobilize back into the city, and 'take it back'

Next we see a camera panning quickly to the right, and focusing upon several naked men walking from the desert back to the tent city with a dazed look upon their faces.

None of them will speak.

Now I am there, just outside the tent city, where news trucks, and tents have been set up for the media, and every time I look towards Jerusalem, it is like trying to look into the sun. After I slam my eyes shut against the burning, there is a quick negative image of a huge wall, like 30 stories tall, wrapping all around the city.

Now we see news footage again, I am/was there, but don't exactly remember being there, I only remember seeing the news footage of the event, the camera pans wildly to the right again, then up, and trying desperately to focus. It is the same huge mile high 'beast' and the same communication is taking place, not exactly words spoken, but rather images, and ideas related to our minds, and people are screaming, and terrified.

The reporter, clearly shaken badly, is trying to describe what is happening, and is speaking almost gibberish. As if trying to explain to a blind person what the color lavender looks like.

Jerusalem is closed, out of bounds, off limits, for forty years, and none shall look upon it, or breach its walls.

To be continued in a later blog.

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awesome. i remember you describing parts of this to me before. can't wait to read more.

September 15, 2008 at 1:13 PM

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