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Posted by Jonathan E Johns

Some of you may have heard of a Mr. Kevin Pollak. He is a Comedian, Actor and now Chat Show Host whom you can invite into your computer every Sunday evening.

Kevin has appeared in over 80 films and television shows (According to, during which he has accrued a base of industry friends that would make any fanboy's jaw drop. Kevin himself claims that he would need only 2 degrees of separation to connect with any actor in the industry, past or present, unlike that hack Kevin bacon, who needs 6 degrees. With this Rolodex of industry insiders, celebrities, and 'movers and shakers', Kevin launched his own Internet Chat show in March of 2009. By his own account, Kevin 'stole' the format of his show from Charlie Rose. The Black Back drop, round table, and long conversation format would be familiar to any Charlie Rose fan, but the similarities soon dissolve after a two-hour-plus sit down including expletives, and Sexual Larry King Innuendo's.

The Long Format interview is something new to entertainment. Broadcast Television chat shows are measured in minutes, not hours, and include what is commonly known as 'pre-interviews', which tend to steer a conversation on air to hit bullet points, promote, perform, and move on. Kevin Pollak's chat show is aimed at having a 'real' conversation, and letting the guest relax, and take a tangent to an interesting conclusion.

Every Sunday evening, the show streams live from, where up to a few hundred viewers can watch, and interact in a live chat room. And by interact, I mean not just with each other, but by posting interesting questions or comments, can actually help steer the conversation with the guest. Kevin welcomes input from his fan base, and outside the interactive chat room, any viewer can send questions and comments via Twitter ( A popular recurring question format is the "Tweet Five", where a fan can post a kind of either/or set of questions for the guest, read in rapid-fire by Kevin, and surprisingly, revealing simple, yet insightful results. This interactivity between Kevin, the fans, and the guest creates an open, fresh and very real situation that seems to put guests off at first, but as they relax becomes endearing, and makes the time special for all involved.

Although Kevin suffers from "Hey! Look at me" disease (His words), he genuinely is interested in his guests, performs his due-diligence research, and asks questions that leave the guest open to share a lot more about who they are, and what they are about, without ever making the show all about him. Its a talent that many talk-show host have, and a few that do not.

All of the prior episodes are available for free on iTunes, as both Video podcasts, and Audio-only podcasts, as well as on Youtube ( Eventually, a DVD may be created and sold to generate revenue. I highly recommend checking out a few of the episodes, find a guest that interests you, and then get hooked.

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