FDR or Teddy?  

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Did Franklin do more to create the Republican party than Teddy?

Saturday, September 6, 2008 at 1:13pm
It is a question, rather than me stating some fact. I really wonder, though.

The current Republican party as I see it is more like this;

We all need to give things up, suffer a bit, sacrifice for our country, not whine about getting such extravagances as a home, groceries, and a car. These things our parents (Or grandparents) had to let go for the good of the country during the great depression. They didn't whine about it. They pulled up their bootstraps, and succeeded in spite of the odds, in spite of the hardships.

If they can do it, so can we. And sometimes we have to. During times like we're in now, when Oil is at a record high price per barrel, when home values are plummeting, when the cost of everything that is moved from one place to another, during these times, we have to suck it up, stop whining about 'what we deserve' and make do. Victory gardens are right around the corner.

And remember, those of you who think we shouldn't have to sacrifice a little for the betterment of the world, well, you're just being selfish! Selfish, whining, brat kids, who don't appreciate the sacrifice of their parents, and grandparents. And therefore, don't deserve any of little help there is to go around.

Complaining about being homeless? Well, buddy, who put you there? The government didn't put you on the street, you chose to be there, and so suffer you will for your poor choices. There are plenty of churches, and religious shelters who will be glad to help you get back on your feet, if you would only renounce your heathen dirt-worshiping ways, and praise the man Jesus, and confess to Him that you are weak minded, weak bodied, and will join His army against the non-believers.

Can't make ends meet at the end of the month without working two or three minimum wage jobs? What are you complaining about? You Have a job, or two or three! There are heathen dirt-worshipers in Africa who don't even know about the Man Jesus, who have to walk 30 miles for a dirty cup of dirty water! And you're complaining? When our parents (Grandparents) were your age, they couldn't get ONE job, let alone three! And they would have worked all three, or more, gladly, and proudly, because they understood that being an American citizen means sacrificing for the flag of our fathers!

Our country was built upon sacrifice! Blood by our soldiers, Time by our faithful, and money from our citizens. Money not for the government fat-cats, and their pork-barrel projects, No! Money for Defense, and for our great financial leaders, who grow our economy from the top! Time given freely, and cheerfully by those in our country who put their faith where it should be, right in front, as the most important thing we have, because without God, where would we be? God has given us everything we have, and our duty now is to praise him. And to thank him at every blessed opportunity. God wills our goodwill, and only when we fail to tithe, and pray, and worship, only then do bad things happen to us. In Fact, God cures cancer, and other diseases, when enough people pray for it to be gone. Of course, there is not enough prayer, worship or sacrifice to grow back a leg, but Cancer? That's Jesus' bitch, when He wants it to be so. As for giving our blood to the flag, well, every soldier is worth our praise, and thanks, not like back in the seventies, when we spat on them, and treated them like dirt, no way. Now the only soldiers we spit upon are those who's CIVILIAN beliefs directly go against ours. If that be so, then everything they did, or failed to do, is free game. God bless America, and may those who stand against us, American citizen, or not, feel our wrath.

That is the feeling I get from the republican party.

But where did all this 'sacrifice' come from? Surly not those fat-cat financial leaders? They sacrifice nothing for America. In fact, complain, and pay off their senators-on-leashes when anything even close to a tax rears its ugly head by the 'dirty democrat socialists.

Was it the 'Greatest Generation'? Our parents and grandparents who valued the 1950's simplicity of life? Who long for a return to 'traditional' America Values? Longing for something long gone is a very conservative idea. It is not in any way progressive. But can't they see our country has changed? That we can't have that time back? That the only thing good about that time was the fact that it was horribly bad right before it?

From the time of the stock market crash, until the election of D.W. Eisenhower, it was almost 20 years, during which time, an entire generation (The Greatest?) suffered and sacrificed, and endured, and survived, and eventually thrived. But during that time, there were people getting rich off the poor, taking advantage of the situation, taking advantage of people. The crash of the stock market, and failure of banks did not hurt the rich, it hurt the poor, and middle class. And during the war, (To end all wars?) many more rich men, became more and more rich. They took both the blood and the money of its citizens. But worse still, they instilled the 'Traditional American Value' of Sacrifice.

With that institution in place, they could trudge along, year after year, decade after decade, and gain from the sacrifice of the citizens they held in contempt as a class well below them. Well below their Kingdom, or Empire.

That was the result of the Sacrifice Institution, but it was not the intention. I believe that Franklin was faced with an unbelievable challenge, dare I say, even more challenging than that which Lincoln faced. Lincoln might have lost half our country to secession, and civil war, but FDR might have lost everything, from depression, failure of our national currency, dust-bowl, world-war, and on and on. Worse than all of those things, he could have lost our national spirit. Which was never 'Sacrifice' (as many would like us to believe,) but Hard work, that can win you the American Dream. Hard Sacrifice will win you nothing, sometimes, not even the respect of those citizens around you. The intention of FDR was to get people to stop worrying about yesterday, and start working hard for tomorrow, because with hard work today, everyone will have an opportunity to earn the American Dream, again, not through sacrifice, but through hard work.

As is often the case, someone took advantage of the idea, and bastardized it to their own uses. Because if the American Populace were to continue believing that Sacrifice was the way to go, the expected way, the respected way, the only way to get 'there', then the rich could earn from the sacrifice of the American people. And better yet, the people themselves would police their own citizenry, by hammering those who didn't or don't sacrifice. Now it is no longer the Aristocracy belittling the middle class's lack of ownership of land, but rather the middle class belittling their peers, and lower classes for not respecting the Sacrifice.

But as all middle classes go, they need their leaders, they need their heroes. All too often, those heroes are not the black poor, and white trash poor who get sent off to some country to bleed onto its soil for no apparent reason, but instead are the rich, those who made it, (from Gods blessing) to become rich (Succeed), and set an example for those who aspire to become one of the 'earners.' Knowing that in order to become one of them, they can never attack them (risking banishment), but instead defend them. So belittling those below who haven't sacrificed enough, to defending those above, who have sacrificed nothing, the middle class is the Great Class, and when the stars aligned, and the 1950's were upon us, the middle class grew, from fortune, from fate, or from Jesus' will, they grew. And this generation, (The Greatest?) the middle class of the 1950's set the example for the modern republican party.

When Homo's were closeted (They do cut hair well! And oh! What a flair for fashion!), when African-Americans (Blacks, Negro's) stayed in their own villages, when we had One Clear And True Enemy. (Communism!) When small towns, not the elitist, pink, communistic, (Gawd! They live right next to each other!) big cities, bread the best America has to offer, when life was simpler (Read: when people shut their pie-holes, and didn't complicate things with new ideas) and when the Man-Jesus was our countrys' only true savior, when these things were, then we were in high times. When the Real American Values were established for eternity, and ever they be so, and ever will we long for them....

All that middle class? It came from the hard work, not the sacrifice. All that success? New house, new car, new fighter planes, and bombers? All came from good-ole American Hard Work, not from sacrifice.

Sacrifice Donated recycled steel, aluminum, and copper, and rubber, for free, to the war machine who then sold it to the government. Hard work Paid laborers to mine new metals, and process new oil into tires, and SOLD it to the companies for profit, who then sold it to the government.

Sacrifice only makes the rich richer. Hard Work makes us all richer.

They call it the greatest generation, yet they continue to take advantage of that generation by using it for political gain, and bastardizing the concept to their own financial gain.

Our country was founded on the idea that we didn't want to answer to an aristocracy, that we were led by our fellow citizens, and no one, NO ONE could take over this country, and lead it around by the nose to their own gain. Yet that is what we are becoming. The politicians are owned. Corrupt? I dare say not, because they may not be smart enough to even realize what they are doing wrong. Some are even mesmerized by the allure of it all. But they are being manipulated by the rich, who only wish to become richer, and who are supported by those who think they too can become a member of the aristocracy. It is an age-old concept, one our founding fathers tried to save us from, and through the constitution, tried to protect us from.

Are the Republicans the only bad politicians? No. But their strong believe in the 1950's 'American Family Values' is just much more blatant than any other party.

I wonder what Teddy or Franklin would think of where our country is now? The Franklin Roosevelt Family would be fat and happy, with that Elite cigarette holder in his mouth, pointing somewhere in the sky. But Teddy? I imagine he would find himself more in-line with Ike, shaking his head at how we didn't head the warnings about the Military-Industrial Complex, about the environment, and about the better angels of our nature.

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