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So I've arrived in Northern California, and much happened en route. As cross country trips go, this was either very typical, or simple a typical trip for me.

Some notable events:

1) I had two, yes TWO, flat tires along the way. The first was about an hour away from home, and the second was about an hour from my destination. Both times sucked.
2) Truck stops suck. They are busy, dirty, and filled with dirty selfish truck drivers.
3) who Somewhere in Arizona, A young woman was wandering around the Fuel islands, asking for a ride. I said I couldn't, because I was going to wrong way, and didn't have any room. As I was fueling the Van, I looked over and saw a guy pull out a badge, and pull out a gun, and yell at her to get on the ground. Either Hitchhiking is a serious offense, or she solicited him. So why didn't she solicit me?
4) I slept in the bench seat of the van for several nights. Smelling Diesel fumes, and listening to that familiar Engine Rattle as the trucks around me idled all night.

All in all it was a safe trip, with a few speed bumps. I got to listen to a few books on tape, spent some quality time with my self, saw some pretty cool things along the way. Speaking of which...

When I originally moved out to California, I flew, so, in about 6 hours I went from Missouri to the Bay Area, and was introduced to a beautiful very much 'alive' place. When I moved back to Missouri, I got to spend several days with my son, which was incredible, but we were driving with a purpose, that being, to get back ASAP. We got to spend an hour or so at the Grand Canyon, stopped off at the Great Meteor Crater, but otherwise, saw everything thru the windshield. My trip this time, I had time, and I took advantage of it, well, as soon as I got through Oklahoma, and Texas. As soon as I crossed the border into New Mexico, I stopped at the Welcome Center, and took a nap in the sun. It was glorious. I got to see the high desert, I went thru the Mojave Desert, and saw long dead Volcano's, and lava flows, painted deserts, petrified forests, cacti, and many other things. So as for the tourist part of the trip, I got to enjoy that.

Upon arrival to the bottom of the San Joaquin Valley, and driving onto the 5, I finally felt like I was home again.

I've arrived back, and am spending time in Rohnert Park with my best friend, and feel very familiar with all the streets, and businesses, and trees, and even the sky feels so different from Missouri. I found an Ice Scraper in my trunk while unpacking, and almost laughed. Won't need that any longer!

If it wasn't for the generosity of my friends and family, the support of many others, I would not be here. Big thanks to all of you. I will do my best to repay you, I will do my best to create a life for myself here. I am happy, calm, and feel 'in place', even though I am staying with a friend until I get my own place. My challenges are before me, but I feel like I have reached a huge goal, and feel successful.

Thanks again to everyone out there who have supported me in the relocation! I appreciate you!

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