What Would Republican Jesus Do?  

Posted by Jonathan E Johns


SO I am here in the library, it is early in the morning, and the internet access here is as slow as n old 33.3 modem. In addition, my Facebook is slow this morning too, because, well, Facebook is just slow sometimes, it just seems to happen whenever I need it to be fast.

I have been trying to load Blogspot up for about twenty minutes, and chances are I will not even be able to post this today.

Being out of touch is one thing I can deal with, as long as I can quickly and readily get onto the Interweb Superhighway fairly easily, and quickly. But alas, for my sins, this is my reward.

What I would have loved to write about today is the fact that the uber-conservatives in our country are making threats against our president elect, as well as us, the liberal, and mainstream citizens. It seems that the last time these conservatives were in the ‘minority’ (In the 90’s) they learned a thing or two about bullying, and while getting Bush 2 elected, they learned the power of intimidation thru fear.

As I watched Frontline this past week, and learned more about Lee Atwater, and even more about the Republican Party, I felt a certain sickness deep inside me. I am not so na├»ve that I don’t understand that all political parties are corrupt to a point, but when the corruption seeps into the citizens that align themselves with the party, it is less like a movement, and more like a virus.

What really made me think today about all this was the idea that neither their fears, nor their hopes have come true. When the ‘Liberals’ are in charge, there are not free abortions happening every five minutes in a drive-thru like McDonalds, and pretty much, the country does just fine. But worse than that, when they hold sway in the entire government, nothing on their platform comes true either! The Supreme Court holds a very thin majority of conservatives, Roe v Wade is not overturned, and our country is worse off than it was 8 years ago. Their excuse? “The Republican Party lost it’s way…” “The guys we elected before, well, they turned out to be bad guys, and now its time we elected some good guys, because now, well, now we know what to do.”

And the thing is about it all, they are not trying to convince us, or even the mainstream. They are using threats, and intimidation, and drawing lines in the sand. Basically bullying us towards their side, rather than convincing. But I guess a liberal pinko communist would try to convince, and I guess that is not how Americans do things. We know what’s right, and if you are not with us, well, you’re against us.
The threats against Catholics in some parts of the country by their own parish priests is pretty sickening. Using a Holy Sacrament as a weapon is sinful. And dragging any religious group into politics is pretty awful as well. Religious groups or individuals talking about policies is great, and useful in our society, but bringing individual believes in faith into our government is dangerous, and irresponsible.

Anyway, if I had more time, I would have wrote about all that, but my time is up, and I must run off to feed the drunks their peppermint snappes, and send the hunters off to kill deer while their guzzle their cheap bourbon.

Wish me well!

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