Se7en Days of the Condor  

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So I was planning on dedicating myself to writing, or posting, to my blog every single day for 7 days. Just to get into the habit. I had read an article on how to get your blog more popular, and that was at the top of the list. I planned on starting it Monday, and well, I was too lazy. I got home from work exhausted, and ate, and did laundry, cleaned my bathroom, folded clothes, and fell asleep.

Kind of ironic, because all day at work, I had taken the advice of my buddy, and written down little things which I could have included in my daily blogging. Strange thing he didn't mention, and I didn't think of, when reading the little scrap of paper after work, and sitting down to write something, how am I supposed to remember why I wrote “Lovey Howell”?

The 'How to make your blog popular' article didn't mention much about how you are supposed to write something that others want to read, or how to find people who are interested in your mind-spew. It talked about being a daily blogger, writing about something you know about, and not being too confrontational.

That led me to think about how I should approach this, and how others do. Many very successful bloggers write like journalists, and research, create a bibliography, use hotlinks to connect to their sources, etc etc. Others write as if they were comedians, trying out a new set on Monday night at the club. Some write to someone they know, or many someones they know.

What approach shall I take? In order to be completely unique, I should just write what I think, and about what I do. But who wants to read that, unless I write as well as David Sedaris. (I don't, if you were wondering) But researching for a blog? Seems like work. And unless I am going to get some revenue from all this, I think I would rather drop some balls in Peggle for an hour or so.

So today is Tuesday, I am starting my official 7 days of blogging now.

Happy reading!

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Perhaps a piece on vacuity....

October 22, 2008 at 7:29 AM

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